Batley & Spen B

During the June Batley by-election, George Galloway as the candidate for the left wing Workers Party had placed a series of weather proof message boards on the road into Batley from the railway station,. The message which was most striking was the claim I WILL BE A VOICE FOR

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Batley & Spen A

Shortly before the Batley and Spen by election on July 1st, Prospect magazine carried an article on June 24th, a week before the actual vote featuring Times journalist Rachel Sylvester. This had a memorable headline proclaiming LABOUR IS ON COURSE

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Shakespeare and the Jab

When a world famous dramatist dies, the news goes round the world. And when the first man to get a Covid jab dies, that also goes round the world. When they have the same name, it’s asking for trouble – which happened when William ‘Bill’ Shakespeare died

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